Heed The Call

by Migre Le Tigre

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released December 6, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joachim "Joegg" Budweiser @ A Cyborg's Place, 2013.
Produced by Migre Le Tigre



all rights reserved


Migre Le Tigre Berne, Switzerland

Breaking strings since 2011!

Thanks for your support, pedal to the metal :)



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Track Name: Recall
Another plan, some brand new blueprints. Second chapter. Capturing flags. Moves to discredit stagnation in a life that's certainly not gonna last. Driven by enormous hunger, a search for truth and empathy. Glad to see you, hope you stay with me. Instead of worthless calculations about every single move I spread wings in dedication, banging my head to celebrate the groove. No more thanks and please for this year. Guess I finally draw the line. Different influences. Different perceptual points of view. Indeed it's difficult to talk about those things you need to do. Some days you're walking clouds, on other days you rot and pray for rain. Today we dance the pain away. When the golden dust has settled, and one is trapped inside 4 walls. No one is dancing with me nowhere. There's no place left to heed the call. Then I find myself in anger, in hatred and distrust. Not giving up. Not giving up. Cause there won't be no boundaries as long as my heart keeps beating on. Trying to face my demons one by one. A lack of empathy.. Disbelieve in me still brings out the best in me. Time is passing by, you still keep asking why. You can't have it all. But at least you can fucking try. Guess it is all or nothing. Another year of raising stakes. Rather to be pushing forward than to drown in your mistakes. Guess it is all or nothing. Now or never. One for all. Finally back on track, it's been a while now I recall.
Track Name: Invitation To The Feast
Local disillusion. Invitation to the feast. Let's celebrate our nihilism on their private streets. Some thousand sausages are marching to the beat of discontent. There must be a button or another secret trick to make them fucking swallow all the waste that makes me sick. Let them drown in the confetti that they throw into the air. You're wondering why some keep on complaining? I wonder why you still refuse to see that this is not about culture. This is Bread&Circuses. It's just another invitation to the feast. Time for contradictions. Pure fucking dissent. Ballons, Parades and fireworks. Whom do they represent? I watch you celebrate this miserable scene. Fuck your flag and fuck your apathy and all fake values in between. Go on push it further until we finally reach the edge. Until there's nothing left and no allegiance to be pledged. The art of decadence, we'll finally pay it's toll and we gotta fall. Wait for your fall. A thousand words won't change it all, guess it's time to let you know. A thousand prayers won't save us all. What a loss. What a scene. What a lack of dignity. A thousand words won't change it all.
Track Name: Used To Chaos
Tragedy 13 this year. I wanna run away never to return. After thousands of gaps that I jumped there's still so many lessons need to be learned. Still I'm a dreamer. Still I can't believe my eyes sometimes. Still searching ways to leave this sinking ship, I can't deny. In times where nothing seems to matter anyway. I swear things are changing my friend, you'll never know what I see in you. You're voice still echoes inside of my head as I'm waiting for you to break through. The cops have pulled you out you wrote you couldn't give a shit, and that after all you're definately more than just used to this. And if this is all they've got we're certainly on the save side anyway. Hanging in the corner, the smoky backroom of our bar. Haven't been here for so long, it makes me wonder where the fuck you are. Those times are gone, but the memories last. Still can't believe how time is moving so fast. Times, in how you wrote to me, nothing really matters anyway. I'm leaving you today. There's nothing left to say. I'm leaving you today, before the rest starts to die in me.
Track Name: Insecure
Going on! Different subject, different story. I guess some things will never change. Please hold on. My ears are bleeding. You're fucking boring. Empty discussions, flat and strange. Still you dare to waste my time with your numb and sincere view and your narrow minded visions of tomorrow. Claiming to have plans but not the guts to pull'em through. Complaining about your bitterness instead. You make me whoah.. Look at me, the posterboy for insecurity. Slightly proud to pull this through. Now it's me, different table, same old scenary. Don't know how to fucking deal with you. You push me to the boiling point as you're pretending not to see how your ruthless track will lead to isolation. I'm glad that times are changing, and I'm glad to see you through. No more fake friends and no useless charade, I'm dropping out of your parade. As you talk for hours, you're not saying anything. Is it silence that you fear? All those 20 minute stories, all this secondary stuff.. What made you end up here? Those facts remain unclear. I'm glad that times are changing, and I'm glad to see you through. No more fake friends and no useless charade. I'm glad that times are changing, and I'm glad I'm still myself. No more fake friends and no useless charade. Dropping out of your parade.
Track Name: Ok
The ground I stand is rotting peacefully. Spirits die and you can't hear a sound. Palefaced shadows, sharing streets with me. They're the only movement here around. It's not that this is new to me. It's not that I don't know. We're living in a time ruthless and cold. Already wondering what is next in this weird show. I'm pretty sure I don't want to grow old. 1000 stories never told. As you climb the highest trees my friend, tell me what exactly do you see. Do you see ways out of ignorance? Or can you find a rest of dignity. I wonder how all moral fades and how kids might find their place in a shameless system of disgrace. Sickness means survival, so just spend your time in hate. To me we are not destiny or fate. We're a mistake. And if you ask me how I feel, I would just say ok. It's ok.
Track Name: Random Acts Of Disillusion
Kneeslapping dinosaurs are spitting bullshit into my face. Pimp my reality. What a day. What a fucking place. A mislead fieldtrip, hand over fist, right into the blue. Staring across the room. Wishing that my eyes are killing you. As I get thrown out of this rathole of a bar, once again because of my disco-style-cigarrs. Our eyes are finally crossing. But I can't say if this is really you. So fucking serious, cold and stiff. So someone else that I once knew. And no, I won't look back in tears or anger. These immages I carry deep in me. And no, I won't forget. I will remember every corner every spot that once was ours as we shared hope, love and guitars. Now you're million miles away. And I'm trapped in yesterday. Time for a U-Turn. Soon this shit will hit the fan. Burning last bridges down, now run as fast as you can. Can't believe this door is opening beside of me. Everything's ok. So fucking A. And no it's not that I am still expecting anything. There's no deeper meaning in my move. I was just wondering how I'd act and how I'd feel. And what my mouth would speak in front of you. As you stand in front of me, I simply don't know what to say. Parted. Million miles away. So would you please remove your hypnotizing smile out of my mind, and I'll be fine. Million miles away. So far away.
Track Name: Rise
Sometimes life seems serious with all it's gaps along the way. But there are miracles, mysterious. They often brighten up the day. One and one may equal one, so would you take a walk with me? Tell me stories never heard, I show you places you've never seen. The day is passing by. Zombiefication is progressing. Grab the axe come out and play. Cuz I wonder why you're stuck in scenes so depressing. All you need to rise is lying right in front of your eyes. Let's face the good, the bad and the ugly and everything in between. Let's unwrite the scrypt, those blankened pages turn into new scenes. Silent smiles will grow to laughter. Frozen eyes will start to gleam. I'll just point towards the hillside of my town and you'll know what I mean. A new and different scene. As the day is passing by, zombiefication is progressing. Grab the axe come out and play. Cause I wonder why you're stuck in scenes so depressing. All you need to rise is lying in front of you. All you need to rise is lying right in front of your eyes.
Track Name: Monsters
A cliché monday morning, skys are grey just as routine. Endless blackened cycles dominate the scene. Guess this mood is normal. Suffering the side effects of life. Feels like nothing is ever worth to compromise. How long I haven't seen the sun. Sometimes life sucks but things gotta go on. I wonder if I'll win this battle or if it's time to pack my bags and leave. Solo Romance. Bittersweet. I know you're hiding behind curtains. Fighting yourself just like I do. Somehow we lost touch somewhen somewhere along the way. But I know what you've been through. So dig a little deeper, wipe the dust outside of your eyes. Nothing can progress when no one tries. Let's surf upon these airwaves, we've been waiting for so long. Let our hearts beat a thousand strong. For how long we haven't seen the sun. Guess what, life sucks, but shit has gotta go on. I wonder if you keep on locking doors, or if you choose to burn with me. Solo Romance. Bittersweet. Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
Track Name: The Call
Second guessing every single thought won't be helpful in these days. Now I take the things just as they are and I am out of this debate. Modern man's perception of this time we call our lives, it's just not mine. New age slavery is enough for some. To me it's just a waste of time. Why should I explain myself when you just don't care? What you hear is my everything and all. I heed the call. Pushing forward to the limit cause the edge has never felt so near. I'm giving it all. Crossing borders, testing limits. Straight ahead. Fucking stoked just to be here. Cruising through the landscape with the soundtrack for next evening in my mind. Meeting lovely strangers. Some might become the best friends one can find. We're celebrating the best of all times each and every night again. This is what I'm doing, what I love, what I need and where I stand. But why should I explain myself when you just don't care? What you hear is my everything and all. Why should I remain in hell where no no one cares? I want everything and all. I heed the call.
Track Name: About Time
The junction of decision took it's place on our path. How could something be eternal when there's nothing built to last? So good luck on all your journeys. Hope you will be finding what you miss. Time is killing me. Killing me again. You're my breath, I tell you this. Do what you want. As you set my dreams on fire the bubble is bursting in my head. Dying a thousand deaths thinking about the things that you just said. I wish you just the best, and and I'll remember every kiss. But time is killing me. Killing me again. With a mind fullfilled of memories and a heart turning to stone. I'm sitting by myself deleting the pictures off my phone. Hope one day you'll find a way that leads you back to me. I'll be there. You're everything I see. I'll be there. Please remember me. Somehow you're the story of my life. But they say it's just a story about time. Can't ignore the fact that I still hope that you are mine.
Track Name: Kerosine
Classic case. Drunk and naked on the floor. One last bottle shatters onto stone. Traces of perversion. Shrapnell bombs in ecstasy. We're walking home. Forgot my age, forhead straight into the wall to make sure that those memories remain. The air is on fire, we're like torch and kerosine. We're still the same. Those smiling faces in far distant places are brightening the scene up for me. Give me some everything. I wanna taste it all. Let's unlock the miracles in life. Some might call us freaks and others yell we should grow up, but there's just not enough time in just one night. So bring the Rock and bring the Roll. May the devil drench our souls into eternity's filthy bloody mud. We couldn't give a fuck. Hard to understand? Guess you never had a band, that's how it goes. Those smiling faces in far distant places are brightening the scene up with me. On every occasion you show dedication and share all your weirdness with me. Sometimes I don't know how I do survive those weeks at home, the circle is getting smaller everytime. Missing inspiration. Overdose of gravity. Missing rhymes. Sometimes I just can't breathe as I'm spending days alone and nothing is gonna be alright. Then I feel the pain in almost every single bone, retching up all fears I try to hide. Then I lock myself in basements, mixing crack with gasoline, singing this song all by myself just to reclaim the flame in me. It's those cycles that I run. And it's my selfright to be weird. Just let me be. Those smiling faces from far distant places are brightening the scene up with me. Choruses. High-Fives. The longest of all nights. Crazy how sweet life could be. Your smiling faces from far distant places are brightening the scene up with me. On every occasion you show dedication and share all your weirdness with me. Those smiling faces in far distant places are brightening the scene up with me.